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Sophisticated analyzer.
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What is MilkoScreen?

A Product - A Practical, Convenient and Economical Solution built on a solid foundation of FTIR Technology.

This latest analyser brings its quality control procedures into line with the best in the industry because it uses a powerful form of infrared technology called Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) that was previously only available in more sophisticated analysers used by larger dairy operations.

Sophisticated technology

FTIR technology is recognized world over as a finger-print technology - approved by the IDF (International Dairy Federation), AOAC (Association of Analytical Chemists) and ISO (International Standards Organization) as a method to detect Liquid Milk and parameters.

The FTIR technology can sniff out any abnormalities in milk using a form of infrared fingerprinting where an infrared spectrum for normal milk compared with the spectrum of the sample being tested.

It is also an accurate and a direct way of testing Fat, SNF and Protein content required for payment of deliveries and for quality control of incoming milk.

MilkoScreen software allows you to keep records and generate reports, that streamlines the operations.

What does MilkoScreen detect in cow, buffalo and mixed raw milk

Milk Parameters Adulterants
  • Fat
  • Solids Non Fat
  • Protein
  • Added Water
  • Maltodextrin
  • Ammonium Sulphate
  • Sucrose
  • Urea
  • Other absorbing adulterants is displayed as Abnormal Milk

MilkoScreen shows “milk abnormality” for presence of many other adulterants (having strong absorbance in mid IR region) added in milk in various concentrations. MilkoScreen is the fastest way to ascertain purity of the incoming raw milk. It takes just 45 seconds to screen the milk and pay fair price to the producer/supplier. MilkoScreen does not use any chemicals for analysis.