The greater MilkoScreenTMprotection

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Accuracy & repeatability of results are highest in the analyzer segment

FTIR technology makes all the difference

MilkoScreen analyses the product using FT-Infrared technology, assessing milk constituents, using absorption at different wavelengths in the infrared spectrum to detect the presence of specific parameters in milk like Fat, SNF and Protein.

Accuracy and repeatability of results are comparable with the chemical methods, but with MilkoScreen, it takes far less time than conventional chemical methods. Results from MilkoScreen are accurate, direct and not calculated, unlike some contemporary techniques.

  • FTIR technology offers unique ability to screen milk for adulterants
  • Ready - to - use screening options supported by the FOSS global support network
  • Screen for known adulterants or simply anything that looks abnormal.

Analyzing the raw milk spectrum

Natural raw milk has a particular spectrum - a unique fingerprint. Using FTIR analysis, it is possible to program an analyser to recognise the spectra (or fingerprint) representing pure raw milk.

A warning is then given when samples do not meet the criteria for pure milk. If the sample is somehow different from pure milk it will be detected immediately as shown by the red line for an abnormal sample against the normal shown in green. Measurements are in compliance with international dairy standards.