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9 Key Facts About Milk Screening With Foss

1. Screen and Save at the same time

While you are screening for adulteration, you can also test milk for quality parameters that help you to improve both quality and yield in your dairy process. For example, with the MilkoScreen instrument, the available tests are: Fat, Protein, and Solids Non-Fat

2. You don’t need a sophisticated laboratory

An instrument like the MilkoScreen is small and weighs only 3.5 kilograms. The dimensions are 252x194x207 mm (WxDxH) so it can fit on any small working table. MilkoScreen is Portable and can be easily carried in a customized cushioned carry bag from one location to another. Instrument can be installed at a BMC/CC location and can be transported in a bag for routine and random checks on specific village collection routes.

3. There are no hidden costs for calibration

MilkoScreen is pre-calibrated with global raw milk samples. Fine tuning of calibration is done by service engineers during installation once before installing the system. After calibrating it once, MilkoScreen calibrations never shift and the instrument does not need frequent calibrations.

4. There are no training costs

Place the sample and push the start button - need we say more?

5. It costs more, but offers higher value for money

The price of the MilkoScreen instruments is higher than ultrasonic instruments, but you get a lot more for your money when screening for adulteration. The ultrasonic technology can only measure the fat content and the rest of the components are calculated based on the fat result. Therefore, the accuracy and range is not as good as the MilkoScreen. In addition, the MilkoScreen uses FTIR technology which is approved by AOAC and IDF while ultrasonic is not.

6. It is just as reliable in any size

The MilkoScreen with its small size can still analyse with a good repeatability by measuring a very small volume of the sample in order to ensure a good sample representation. The smaller volume is achieved by letting the sample flow through the measurement system while performing a number of FTIR scans. Due to fast scanning FTIR interferometers, it is possible to perform e.g. 20 scans within a very short period of time. In this way, it is possible to obtain a repeatability that is comparable to that of our high end MilkoScan milk analysers.

7. Screening can help everyone

Often, adulteration of milk is accidental, for example, if cleaning fluid used to clean milk tankers gets into the milk. Sadly though, deliberate adulteration of milk for financial gain is a growing problem. And the cost of this is borne by the whole industry through reduced sales and tarnished public image.

Whether the adulteration is accidental or deliberate, screening can help to save costs throughout the entire dairy industry.

8. Use for Payment purposes

Pay exactly and accurately for the FAT, SNF and Protein collected from suppliers. Never pay for Adulterated Milk. Added Water and spurious adulterants change Milk parameters. MilkoScreen results are NOT affected by such spurious additions. Robust results of SNF – helps you stop financial loss occurring due to adulterated milk.

9. Direct Protein

Milkoscreen provides you with a fastest possible way of determining Protein content in Raw Milk in fastest possible way. You can use information on total daily collection of Milk Protein for your Milk Products

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