MilkoScreenTM an economical solution

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Raw Milk Screening assures quality through out the milk supply-chain

The risk of adulteration is higher than you think

Every day, another tanker rolls up with a load of around 10-15,000 liters of raw milk ready for processing...

Every day, another milk producer of agent pours in cans of raw milk at a milk collection center

But is there anything hiding in all that milk that we should stop before it gets into the supply chain?

Raw milk may suffer from dilution or contamination from chemicals added either intentionally or accidentally, for example, resulting from animal feed or from contamination of the tanker. The impurities are often well-masked and everything may seem fine until, in the late production stages, the impurity shows up as a nasty surprise such as a chemical taint or even a serious food safety risk.

This risk of adulteration is different around the globe, but even in regions where the vast majority of incoming milk is absolutely normal, those few problematic samples still need to be caught.

Raw Milk Screening saves costly implications

With this in sight, various industry and national guidelines for protecting the supply chain are being brought in. All well and good you can say in terms of good advice and guidelines, but what is it exactly that dairy producers are supposed to do?

After all performing a full diagnostic investigation of all incoming milk samples would simply be too costly and laborious and result in a long queue of milk producers / agents / tankers waiting to unload deliveries.

A screening approach with routine analytical equipment offers a practical solution. With screening, the milk sample is checked for anything abnormal. If, on those rare occasions that something does show up, then the milk supplier / producer / tanker load can be put into a holding tank for further investigation, so avoiding far more costly implications further downstream in the process.

The screening is performed with standard equipment and at the same time as normal quality tests. In this way it becomes an integrated part of everyday quality control without need for extra equipment, analysis time or special training.

Install this IndiFOSS Milk Adulteration Scanner & Quality Analyzer at the raw milk collection stage. It will ensure the collection of pure milk